Designing Social Connectedness

KeyPing in gang

This blog gives insight in the extended process of designing an interactive system to make elderly feel more connected: the KeyPing. The KeyPing is an interactive, customizable board that indicates the presence and activity of self-chosen contact persons and their activity level by using lights and various key sounds. By using the home coming ritual, the KeyPing is intuitive and unobtrusive in use and appearance. The user studies showed that the KeyPing is a potential solution for elderly, while youngsters indicated that they would primarily use the system to enhance the feeling of involvement of their grandparents. For presenting the final design, a prototype is created in a natural setting to cater the home experience and show the interaction between two separate boards and therefore the users. The KeyPing will improve the feeling of connectedness, but needs to be optimized and studied for ultimate applicability in the future.

KeyPing blog

Presentation video

Presentation video by Ianus Keller (June 26th, 2009)